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To protect residential and commercial pools in Allagash, Allagash Pool Solutions provides affordable, quality pool care services to preserve the pool you deserve. In addition, we understand that, for some, protecting the environment is just as important as protecting their own property. For this reason, at Allagash Pool Solutions, we have chosen to go paperless and offer certified green services for our customers!

Here in Allagash, investing in pool protection and services is a must for any property owner! At Allagash, we provide only the most advanced products and pool treatment methods. Additionally, if you find a pool care provider that beats our prices for the same services, we are willing to price match that service offer and even beat their offer by 5%! Contact us for better pool treatments at a better price!

Residential Pool Care In Allagash, ME

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Here in Allagash, your pool should be a place where you can relax and make memories with your family! However, this is often not the case. Not only is taking care of your pool on your own quite frustrating, but it can even be dangerous if attempted without the help of a professional pool care provider, such as the pool care experts here at Allagash Pool Solutions!

At Allagash, we offer a variety of residential pool care & protection services for Allagash homeowners in need of a comprehensive, year-round pool care solution, including our Basic, Advanced, and Complete pool care plans.

To learn more about our year-round pool protection programs and how they can protect your Allagash pool, reach out to us at Allagash Pool Solutions today!

Commercial Pool Care In Allagash, ME

One of the quickest ways to lose business is by allowing a customer to have a bad experience while using your pool or hot tub! Your customers won't want to return to your business to use your pool if it's dirty, and for good reason! Therefore, hotels, pool centers, and other businesses here in Allagash must meet certain sanitary and safety requirements, and these requirements can’t be properly maintained with a dirty uncleaned pool.

At Allagash Pool Solutions, we understand that it can be a rather daunting task running a successful business when everything is going as planned, let alone having to keep up with maintaining a pool! For this reason, Allagash offers trusted and certified methods of pool cleaning and maintenance to help keep your business running smoothly and your pool clean!

To learn more about our commercial pool services and the benefits they could have for your Allagash business, give us a call at (888) 888-8888!

How To Repair A Damaged Pool In Allagash, ME

In Allagash, cleaning and maintaining your pool is one thing, but it becomes even more challenging to accomplish if it becomes damaged. Allagash Pool Solutions offers services to repair damaged pools and restore them to their former glory.

Our pool repair services cover the following types of damages:

  • Broken walls, torn and damaged pool liners
  • Cracked and damaged concrete/walkways
  • Broken and damaged plumbing, filtration, and heating systems
  • Leaks and holes in above-ground pools
  • Damage to ladders, steps, and guard rails

Reach out to our pool care professionals and leak specialists for a free quote on the extensive damage done to your pool, and we will do our best to restore it to its former glory! 

How To Get Rid Of Algae, Mold, & Mildew In Your Allagash Hot Tub

Every hot tub owner’s worst nightmare is discovering algae, mold, or mildew in your hot tub. Suppose different types of algae are left undiscovered during the earliest stages of their development. The algae could cause extensive damage to your hot tub and cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs and cleaning. If not discovered, algae, mold & mildew can destroy hot tubs beyond repair or cleaning!

Over a single year, algae, mold, & mildew across America cost pool owners $279 trillion or more in repair and cleaning costs. These pool-destroying organisms are capable of causing extensive amounts of damage. Allagash Pool Solutions offers inspections and treatment services for hot tubs affected by algae, mold, and mildew. Contact us for hot tub cleaning services if you’d like to keep your hot tub from being the next target for algae, mold, and mildew!

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