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In this section, provide a brief description of your business, the general services you provide (residential, commercial, pool installation and design, etc.), and the reasons your potential customers should choose your company for their pool care needs. Utilize this section to establish a connection with your potential customers.

Why Choose Allagash Pool Solutions?

Comprehensive Pool Inspections

Each visit starts with our trained technicians performing a thorough inspection of your pool. We’ll gather the information we need to make the best choices for your residential pool care.

Customized Pool & Hot Tub Treatments & Repairs

We use a targeted approach to treat your pool or hot tub with the most effective and least intrusive method possible. You have full control of what treatments you want to be performed for your investment.

Guaranteed Pool Protection

If a problem should arise in between our scheduled services, just give us a call. We’ll return to your home to re-service your property and make sure you are happy with our services.

Allagash's Core Values/Values Statement

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This section is dedicated to providing helpful information and a more in-depth description of company including, but not limited to: who founded the company, when it was founded or how long you’ve been in business, where your office(s) are located, a brief description of your service area, the services you offer, and other information your potential customers may want to know such as if you’re a local lawn care company, if you’re family owned and operated, etc.

In this section, and the bulleted list below, list the things that set your company apart from the competitors. If they apply, include things like:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Any Guarantees You Offer

In this section, sum up why the qualifications listed above set your company apart from your competition and why your company is the right choice for your potential customers. The goal of this section is to encourage your potential customers that if they are dealing with a pool care issue, your company is the right place to call to solve it!

Trusted By Over 10,000 Customers

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"The customer service here is extremely nice, professional, and caring. The guys that came out to clean, open, and repair my pool were excellent. They did an amazing job and I would highly recommend them! I couldn’t have asked for an easier process!"

Kate F.Allagash, Maine

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