How To Clean Your Above-Ground Allagash Pool

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If you have an above-ground pool without a filtration system, then that probably means that you’re using an inflatable pool or something that isn’t meant to be permanently filled. So once the water shows some sign that it’s dirty, these are just drained out and refilled.

This is actually fine for smaller above-ground pools as they’re designed to be drained after a few uses. The important part to remember is that whenever you’re going to drain these small above-ground pools give them a thorough scrubbing before refilling them or stowing them away for extended periods of time. The reason? Simple. The surfaces of the pool will have dirt, algae, and other nasty stuff on them and it won’t make sense to refill the pool with clean water when the container itself is filthy!

How To Clean Your Above-Ground Pool After Draining

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to clean your above-ground pool properly after draining it.

  • Drain the pool water
  • Pick out/scoop any dirt and debris left behind
  • Use a specialized pool cleaning solution or use some chlorine dissolved in water to scrub down all of the surfaces of your pool.
  • Be sure to be gentle when scrubbing your above-ground pool surface to avoid damaging the liner.
  • Refill with clean water or if you’re storing it, allow the liner to dry out completely before storing it.

Keeping Filterless Pools Cleaner Longer

If your above-ground pool doesn’t have a filter or it’s not designed to have a filter, then here are a couple of ways to save water and keep it cleaner for longer.

  • Use a pool cover - by using a pool cover on your above-ground pool, you’re keeping dirt, debris, bugs, and other stuff out whenever you’re not using the pool.
  • Use a leaf skimmer - scoop out any dirt and debris that fall into the pool to prevent them from breaking down further and contaminating your pool water.
  • Use a robotic pool cleaner - now, this may probably be overkill as a robotic pool cleaner will cost more than a filterless above-ground pool, but if you have one lying around or if you know anyone that’s not using his/hers, then a robotic pool cleaner can help filter out the water and keep it clean.

For Above-Ground Pools With A Filtration System

Now here’s the part where it gets interesting. Larger above-ground pools will be designed to take on full filtration systems, much like an in-ground/permanent pool. Many larger above-ground pools are permanent fixtures and are often treated as such.

Clearing A Cloudy Above-Ground Pool

Above-ground pools are more susceptible to cloudiness. This is usually a sign that the pool water is dirty and is in need of some serious treatment. Cloudy above-ground pool water can be caused by a number of things.

  • Dirt, debris, and other environmental factors - trees, bird droppings, weather, small animals, bugs, and other creepy crawlies can get into your pool and cause cloudiness.
  • Filter issues - cloudy pool water can be a symptom that your pool filter needs cleaning or replacing if you’re running it the recommended number of hours and your pool water is still cloudy.
  • Chemical balance issues - cloudy pool water is also a symptom that your chemical balance may be off, so be sure to check this as well!!

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